Teh Xiggeh

Unplug the keyboard …

Posted in Funny Stories by Xiggeh on July 14, 2006

A client phoned up a few weeks ago, she was having problems with her keyboard. Apparently anything she pressed had no effect. I asked her if it was plugged in properly to which she replied (rather annoyed) “Yes yes yes of course”. I thought the best way to check was to ask her to unplug the keyboard, and plug it back in firmly.

“It’s quite tough,” she said. “I can’t unplug the keyboard.”

“Pull a bit harder,” I said. “These things can get a bit stuck over time.”

“Oh I’ve managed it. Where do I put all the wires?”

When I sent an engineer over that afternoon, it turns out she pulled the wire out the back of the keyboard, instead of unplugging it from the PC. It’s a new one on me.


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  1. lol said,

    pre teen pageant gown

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