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Can u fix my PC pls?lolz!1

Posted in Funny Stories by Xiggeh on July 17, 2006

To cut a long story short, I drove my sister up to London today. She suddenly realised she couldn’t afford the petrol, and I don’t get paid until tomorrow, so I had to pretend I forgot my wallet at the petrol station. We got to London and, oh while I’m here, could I set up her new computer.

My normal rule is I don’t help with computer questions. If it’s a friend, I charge a small fee. If it’s family, it’s free. A new computer isn’t hard to set up, so I said sure. I should’ve learnt my lesson with clients, but what she actually meant was:

  • Copy all the files off her old 486
  • Copy all the files, e-mails and bookmarks off her old iMac
  • Remove all hardware, cables, etc (1.5 hrs, it was a mess!)
  • Setup a second-hand Dell machine
  • Remove all the adware and keyloggers
  • Install MS Office
  • Install a dial-up modem
  • Rewire the phones in the house
  • Pickup broadband kit from the Post Office
  • Uninstall dial-up modem
  • Install broadband kit
  • Rewire phones in the house
  • Setup a network
  • Install a printer
  • Test the printer
  • Order new cartridges

So the whole thing took 13 hours including driving. I didn’t get a cool drink, I got half a sandwich for lunch, and temperatures are approaching the 40s. I’m thrashed.

But my mate’s just cooked me dinner, I’m about to have a cold shower and several very cold lagers and retire for the day. Looks like I’ll be going back to work tomorrow for a holiday.

At least I don’t have to meet up with the family again until Christmas…

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